Founder & Interior Designer at Georgina Jeffries Design Studio: Georgina Jeffries

Georgina Jeffries Interior Design is a boutique design studio based in coastal Victoria.


1. We would love to know a little bit about you.

Hi, I’m Georgina, I am a mum, partner, and Interior Designer residing on the surf coast in Lorne. I have an Interior Design firm in my namesake with studios in Lorne and Melbourne.

2. Tell us about your big break – that holy shit moment in your career.

As most Interior Designers would attest, it takes a long time and a lot of hours to build a successful business from design, but I would probably say opening my second studio in Melbourne was a pretty wonderful moment.

3. Where do you get most inspired?

Travel has always brought so much joy, but so do my staff. When we’re all together the magic really happens.

4. What is your favourite piece from

The ceramic oil burner.

Ceramic Oil Burner Made in Melbourne


5. One thing that makes you truly happy?

Dusty…my 3 year old…always

6. How do you deal with work stress?

Work can be very stressful, but I am lucky to live on the coast with the beach and beautiful walks on my doorstep. A lunchtime walk always does the trick…and I don’t say no to an after work cocktail and de-brief with my partner helps to flesh things out and bring perspective.

7. Name a book or movie everyone should read or watch? And why?

The art of travel by Alain De Botton is an abstract exploration on what travel can reveal about the way we live. It’s full of wonder.

8. What annoys you most? And why?

People who are unkind…

9. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

Jeffries, Jefferson Ford, Jefferanies…theres a lot

10. If you could only play one music album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Rhye, The fall

11. Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

The most beautiful people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their souls in their smiles

12. How should we handle someone copying our style?

Take it as a compliment. It happens a lot, in every industry, and should be fuel to keep creating new and inspirational spaces.

13. What’s your favourite Friday night tipple?

Currently, it’s a chilli margarita

14. Name somewhere you would love to live.


15. Finish this sentence – homes have the power to: 

Transform your life

16. What’s your advice for aspiring designers and stylists that you inspire?

Create your own personal style, be confident in that, and work hard it. Nothing good comes easy!

17. Why do you feel now (as a community), it is really important to get behind and support locally made?

I think it’s always been important, but more than ever we have a duty of care to look out for each other and our environment.

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