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1. We would love to know a little bit about you.

Hi, I’m Kirsten Stanwix – Bookallil /Interior Consultant and Stylist. I have worked as an Interiors stylist in advertising for over 25 years for editorial and commercials clients and for the past 10 years helping residential clients.

2. Tell us about your big break – that holy shit moment in your career.

Styling and conceptualising spaces has always come very easily for me, but I think its more the people and talent that I’ve had the opportunities to work with. A memorable one was a beautiful cover for Harpers Bazaar with Kylie and Dani Minogue.  That makes you stop for a second and think – that’s pretty cool!

3. Where do you get most inspired?

Nature inspires me most. Walking and seeing it change around me is incredibly inspiring.  I also love seeing new art and old art – galleries are a huge source of feeding my inspiration.

4. What is your favourite piece from

Atley has a beautiful aesthetic for living and I love how it’s locally sourced.  My favourite pieces would be the leather tissue cover in tan – so chic and the personalised egg cups in ceramic. Who doesn’t want the prettiest egg cup?


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5. One thing that makes you truly happy?

My two daughters make me the happiest and followed closely by chocolate.

6. How do you deal with work stress?

I make time for myself, I exercise a lot, yoga and walking. I’ve recently bought a SUP. Exercise should be fun as well as an escape. Sleep is also important for dealing with stress. Without these two things, work can become too consuming and that’s when stress is overwhelming.

7. Name a book or movie everyone should read or watch? And why?

Disquiet by Julia Leigh is one of my favourite novels. It’s the perfect story in 121 pages. She writes so well and it transforms you in a short space of time.

8. What annoys you most? And why?

I find it annoying that people have no social manners with phones. They talk on loud speaker on a walk and you have to listen to their conversation.

9. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

My family call me Kiki.

10. If you could only play one music album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Oh that would be hard. I’m not sure there is the perfect album that would cover all my moods forever. Id be very happy listening to Radio Head – OK computer and Bob Marley/ Joan Armatrading / Hotel Costes / Led Zepplin / Massive Attack and Morrissey all on a mixed tape

11. Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

Be nice to the assistants because one day they will be giving you a job!

12. How should we handle someone copying our style?

It’s the highest form of flattery.

13. What’s your favourite Friday night tipple?

Poltergeist Gin and Fever Tree Tonic

14. Name somewhere you would love to live.

Barcelona, Spain.

15. Finish this sentence – homes have the power to: 

Support our soul.

16. What’s your advice for aspiring designers and stylists that you inspire?

Assist and work with a variety of people, try and take one thing from each person that you work with as everyone has one lesson to give. Push yourself and then push yourself again. It’s the only way to learn about ourselves.  Don’t copy just be yourself and work hard.  Let your name be your currency.

17. Why do you feel now (as a community), it is really important to get behind and support locally made?

I feel it’s so important after lockdown.  We are a country that manufactures little and we have lost a lot of our skills and craft because of it. We have the most incredible resources and natural materials. It’s time to support our own brand and buy Australian and support Australian design and product.


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