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1. We would love to know a little bit about you.

Hi there! I am Jackie and I am a photographic stylist, amongst other things... I had had many versions of a 'career' before this one - bus driver, massage therapist, actor - and I am taking a pause over the next few months to consider what the next one might be. 

I currently live in Sydney's northern beaches (though most likely not for much longer!) and when I am not working, you can find me  surfing (or more specifically, falling off my foamie repeatedly and eating lots of seafoam), hiking in secret and not-so-secret places or devouring books in the sun.

2. Tell us about your big break – that holy shit moment in your career.

There have been a few! I first got a leg up into this industry via Real Living Mag, when then-editor Deb Bibby called me up after a work experience week and offered me a job as Editorial Co-ordinator for the mag. I remember in the interview she told me the salary (it was very VERY entry-level) and asked me, incredulous "are you going to even be able to live on that?!?". But I walked out of her office beaming, as I knew this was the starting point to something big.

3. Where do you get most inspired?

In nature. Without a doubt. I need my daily dose or else I become stale and sulky.

4. What is your favourite piece from

I LOVE the ceramic rings and the leather tissue box covers - divine!


Image Credit zoe.interiors

Ceramic Connection Rings Made in Melbourne
Image Credit zoe.interiors


4. One thing that makes you truly happy?

I get an actual high from being out in the 'wild', though the radius of my wild has been somewhat reduced these past couple of years! I am so grateful to live where I do, which is truly paradise. There is not a day that goes past where I don't pinch myself and think "I get to live HERE..."

5. How do you deal with work stress?

My work stress is usually immediate and passes quickly - when things go wrong, it's usually on the day of or day before a shoot, and so sometimes fast problem solving or improvisation is key. When that happens, I have a choice - I can either chuck a tantrum that things didn't go as planned, or I can choose to do the best I can with what I've got. I always choose the latter - and you know what,  the best magic often comes from mishap. These days I work with a crew of absolute legends, professionals who I know have my back, so the show always goes on! Sometimes with a bit of blood sweat and tears, always with a lot of laughs.

6. Name a book or movie everyone should read or watch? And why?

Oh god so many. Just one? I have just read On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong and it has to be one of the most beautiful, intelligent and devastating pieces of writing I have ever had the honour of consuming. It makes it into my top ten, along with the likes of The Little Prince (Antoine De Saint-Exupery), The Service of Clouds (Delia Falconer), Grief is The Thing With Feathers (Max Porter), Beloved (Toni Morrison), The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy), The Inheritance of Loss (Kiran Desai), Bluebeard (Kurt Vonnegurt), Still Life With Woodpecker (Tom Robbins) and the journals of Anais Nin. 

7. What annoys you most? And why?

You know, things make me sad, or angry (sometimes even rage-y) or disappointed but I don't really get annoyed by much. Um... the default alarm sound on the iPhone?

8. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

Whacky Jackie, Jackie Poo Brown, Muffie, Nuggie... there have been many (not super complimentary) over the years!

9. If you could only play one music album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Noooooooo! Another impossible question! Can I just say that right now I am listening to the Yoke Lore Radio playlist on Spotify and enjoying it immensely, as I will tomorrow and the next day... but for life? Too hard!

10. Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

These (arguably over quoted) words from Rilke resonate with me a lot. The poem refers to a god, but for me, they serve as potent little daily reminder from the Universe. 

Go to the limits of your longing. 

Embody me.

Flare up like a flame

and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.

Just keep going. No feeling is final.

11. How should we handle someone copying our style?

This is a tricky one. Firstly I think it's important to call it out, you can do this gently. There is a difference between being inspired by someone's work and ripping it off, and sometimes the person may not be aware they have crossed a boundary . If it is blatantly the latter and they are unapologetic about it, hold them accountable!

12. What’s your favourite Friday night tipple?

A pinot noir in winter, a craft beer in summer.

13. Name somewhere you would love to live.

 I have lived in seven countries, and visited many many more. And this one is so very special to me. I’d love to live in the northern rivers hinterland. I am currently putting some plans into place to make this a reality!

14. Finish this sentence – homes have the power to: 

Tell our stories. My favourite homes - and I have shot in and been in many exquisite homes - are not the ones that are architecturally designed and impeccably curated with designer furniture. They are the ones that tell the best stories - or rather, the ones that are filled with lovingly collected invitations  - "tell me this story…”

15. What’s your advice for aspiring designers and stylists that you inspire?

Find people whose work you love and reach out to them... if you can assist, do it - it will be a far more valuable experience and education than you can get at any overpriced styling school.

16. Why do you feel now (as a community), it is really important to get behind and support locally made?

This year has been so tough on so many small businesses - I have seen clients and friends have to shut down businesses and it's devastating. But I think many people, who would not usually have considered it, are starting to appreciate there is more value in buying local and well-crafted. That's one of the upsides of this whole covid debacle. I have seen many small biz owners rally to support other local businesses too. It gives me the warm fuzzies! 

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Photo Credit Styling Jackie Brown photo Sian Kerr for My ILO 4th Wave Creative

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Styling Jackie Brown, photo Noel McLaughlin

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