Director and Interior designer: Jenni Robin

Jenni Robin Interior Designer Melbourne

1. We would love to know a little bit about you.

Hi there, I’m Jenn, founder and interior designer at Jenni Robin Interior Design. I work on residential projects in Melbourne, mostly in the east. Executing a beautiful unique space for my clients that generates conversation.

2. Tell us about your big break – that holy shit moment in your career.

After becoming a mother, it was time to venture out on my own to forge a career with meaning, passion and flexibility. It all began with one client in 2019, the following years have been fabulous for my business as people spend more time at home, appreciating the skill and knowledge interior designers can bring to their projects. I still pinch myself every time I sign a new contract.

3. Where do you get most inspired?

The city, (Melbourne) with its laneways, art and architecture. Walking through the streets seeing texture, material and form is forever inspiring and we can take a lot from being tourists in our own cities.

4. What is your favourite piece from ATLEY. ?

The leather wine carrier and the old-fashioned coloured swizzle sticks.

Leather Wine Carrier Penfolds Red Wine
mage Credit Studio Georg
Old Fashioned Glass Swizzle Sticks Cocktail Stirrers

 Image Credit Bea Lambos



5. One thing that makes you truly happy?

Seeing my daughter’s play and giggle together. With a two-year age gap, this is a recent accomplishment in their development. 

6. How do you deal with work stress?

Working for myself means my stress levels are at an all-time low, however when there is something that niggles, I firstly turn to my dog Hogan for a walk followed closely with chocolate or wine, sometimes both. 

7. Name a book or movie everyone should read or watch? And why?

Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. I love the notion of saying yes when travelling as it takes you to unexpected places and meetings with new people.

8. What annoys you most? And why?

An untidy home, clutter and artwork hung incorrectly.

9. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

JB, my initials (pre marriage).  

10. If you could only play one music album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ásgeir, In the Silence

11. Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

‘Live in the moment’, and I’m working on it constantly.

12. How should we handle someone copying our style?

Call it out, but also appreciate it is a compliment from someone who couldn’t do it themselves!

13. What’s your favourite Friday night tipple?

An oaky Chardonnay

14. Name somewhere you would love to live.

Reykjavik, Iceland. I love everything about the country, the landscapes, the isolation, the cold and of course how close it is to Europe and other design focused nations. 

15. Finish this sentence – homes have the power to:

Bring warmth and comfort to your heart.

16. What’s your advice for aspiring designers and stylists that you inspire?

Be a sponge, absorb as much as possible in the early years of your career and you will reap the benefits. Give it a go and remember inspiration can come in many forms.

17. Why do you feel now (as a community), it is really important to get behind and support locally made?

Supporting locally can impact the lives of people you love the most, with far reaching effects on sustainability, the climate and economy. Specifying locally means I can work closely with the craftsperson tailoring the piece to my project and creating something truly special.


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