Interior Designer: Annie Bowen

Annie Bowen


1. Tell us about you. Name /  Job Title / And a short bio on yourself (if you like).

Annie Bowen, Principle at Annie Bowen Design. We’re a full service interior design team focusing on residential renovation and decorating projects in Sydney.

2. Tell us about your big break – that holy shit moment in your career.

Ha ha, not sure it was that obvious. I think some of the jobs we have been working on in the last 2 years have really instilled in me that we are on the right track. And moving into a shared design studio space with some wonderful friends and colleagues has really made a huge difference. As a team we are really focused on improving not only our design work but the customer experience with working with us. I think in the last 18 months that has all started to really come together and I’m excited to see where 2022 takes the business and the team.

3. Where do you get most inspired?

We are lucky enough to have such a creative and inspiring design community in Australia. There are makers and artisans doing some really incredible work. Other interior designers all delivering stunning projects. I feel like we have a create network of like minded businesses and they inspire me every day.

4. What is your favourite piece from

The magazine rack / side table has always been a favourite of mine, definitely on my wish list. I also really love the organic nature of the ceramics like the arc, small vessel or oil burner. Leather and Timber Oak Magazine Rack Side Table with Sarah Ellison armchair in Coastal Beach House Furniture Made in Melbourne

Image Credit The Palm Co


Image Credit The Palm Co


5. One thing that makes you truly happy?

My kids having a great time together, singing and dancing in the kitchen after dinner. 

6. How do you deal with work stress?

Exercise! And talking out any challenges with my studio colleagues Alix and Linda. Their support and guidance are invaluable. 

7. Name a book or movie everyone should read or watch? And why?

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani. I’m not a “whoo whoo” kind of girl, I do sometimes attempt to meditate but it’s not something I find easy. My friend and business coach Andrew Mitchell got me to read this book and it really made sense to me. It was “whoo whoo” which I could put into practice :)

8. What annoys you most? And why?

Rudeness. Because who has time for it?!

9. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? 

Annie is my nickname. My real name is Anne-Maree but hardly anyone calls me that.

10. Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

Everything works out for the best. My beautiful Nanna used to say that to me and its always stuck with me. She had a hard life but always found the bright side, the positive in a situation. 

11. How should we handle someone copying our style?

Take it as a compliment? Unless its literally taking something I’ve done and claiming it as their own, I don’t mind if people like my style and want to create something similar. Goodness know I get endless inspiration from all the amazing designers I follow on Instagram. As designers we are all taking cues from other people’s work but I don’t think any two designers would interpret something in the same way. Each has the thing that is unique to their style.

12. What’s your favourite Friday night tipple?


13. Name somewhere you would love to live.

Noosa. New York. Whistler.

14. Finish this sentence – homes have the power to: transform our mood instantly.

Make people feel safe and loved.

15. What’s your advice for aspiring designers and stylists that you inspire?

Connect with other creative businesses in your area. Whether its suppliers or other designers, building a network is really so valuable. I find the beautiful Sydney based interior designers who are in our network are so supportive. We really do build each other up and view their success as continuing to improve the industry as a whole. 

16. Why do you feel now (as a community), it is really important to get behind and support locally made?

I think we have an aesthetic which is uniquely Australian. There is a simplicity to the designs of many local makers that focus craftsmanship and materiality, which makes their products inherently beautiful. By supporting locally made product we are helping to keep the skills of traditional crafts people alive.


At home with Annie Bowen Interior Designer We are a boutique interior design firm creating whole home transformations for heritage and contemporary residences in Sydney. 

 Lounge room with open fireplace and mantle with artwork above interior designer Annie Bowen

Modern Kitchen with leather barstools interior design Annie Bowen Sydney Home

Luxury Master Bedroom with custom bedhead in Sydney home interior design Annie Bowen

Beautiful Classic Timeless Bathroom in Luxury Heritage Sydney Home Interior Design Annie Bowen

Kitchen Dining area with natural light and natural timber in Sydney home interior design Annie Bowen